Electric Beta II Patch

To follow up the discovery of the performance bug on Friday, a patch has been released for Beta II which fixes the slow, inconsistent speed that was plaguing Electric ever since controller support was added.

This patch does NOT include any other changes or enhancements that have been added in the development branch since B2 was released. We just thought it would be nice to give B2 a chance to provide its original feature set at full speed, so it was mainly done for historical purposes. However, if you’re forced into running B1.1 due to performance issues, you may now finally upgrade to B2.1 without experiencing any meaningful speed drops! Continue reading “Electric Beta II Patch”

Good news

Ever since I added support for game controllers, Electric has had horrible frame rate problems; on the Asus Transformer I’ve been using, I have been consistently getting frame rates below 20 frames per second.  WELL.  Earlier tonight I fixed the problem!  I had been trying different things to optimize it for months* with little impact before I finally figured it out.  It was trying to load the controller every frame, even though it was already loaded before the game starts.  I made a goof when trying to optimize controller inputs.  I deleted the erroneous line, and all is well.

RC1 will be out soon (Valve time – trends suggest that school causes a dramatic decrease in productivity).

*Months of school time is more like weeks/2 of summer time.

Electric Beta II and Electric Pre-Alpha

School started last week, so production is going down.

Now that we’ve gotten my supremely optimistic into out of the way, let’s cut to Beta II.

For me, it’s been a while;  Beta II has been finished for three or four weeks, but the downloads page was only finished a few days ago, and Beta II appeared on it yesterday.  So, I’ll have to remember everything that was in Beta II but not in RC.

We’re Back, for Real This Time

Welcome back to CWG.  We’re new, improved, and less likely to crash every couple of weeks.

We’re still trying to get everything straight with our new server and getting files off of the old one.  Also, we cannot get all the old posts off of the old server, and we are having to rebuild the site.

If you don’t know what happened,  our old server crashed while applying big updates, and a whole bunch of stuff got corrupted.  Things should be back to normal as soon as we recover everything we can.

In other news, Electric Beta II is ready to come out once the Downloads page exists properly.  It’s really cool.  I’m not going to write the whole change log just yet, but here’s a hint:  the Options menu got a whole lot more exciting.

Stay tuned, there’s more breaking news here to come.

We Should Rename This Site to “www.thissiteisneveronline.com”

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the 2nd complete start over of this site. This event seems to be an annual occurrence at Cheese-Water Games. This time, what’s at fault? A lightning storm nonetheless. We’re a self hosted site with only one wimpy server, and thanks to our breaker box, power was cut to the server without too much electrical damage to the machine itself (the network card ended up fried). However, as power was cut, the server just so happened to be in the middle of an automatic SQL upgrade so we ended up having a half-existing SQL database, and me, with my limited knowledge of administration of such, could not for the life of me figure out how to recover it. So here we are with a brand new machine waiting for something on it to become terminally ill in a year.

That being said, this new server is probably the best CWG has ever had, and I’m pleasantly surprised with its performance. So I would like to thank you for your patience as we slowly build this site from the ground up again. This has put a damper on “Electric” development as well. Beta 2 was just days away from release when the storm hit, so Electric had to be branched to prepare for BII release. Thankfully, a little bit of development has been made on the first and only Release Candidate build. So progress has still been made, but it’s been slowed. Still, we anticipate the full release of the game to be before the end of August. More details to come in the next post.