Last night, we discovered that 50-odd people made accounts on this site.

That’s weird.

Aside from the NSA and people who my parents know but I was too young to remember, I didn’t think there was anyone who I didn’t know, but who knew about me.

That means that I actually have to start putting real, quality content here.  For the first time, I have a responsibility to real people.


Huh.  People talk about social interactions between people over the internet as impersonal.  As far as my responsibilities to other people go, though, the ones in school or within the family seem very self-contained compared to this.  Sure, I have to do homework, but only because one person told me to, and college people judge me based on how well I do it.  But now I’m responsible to a few people who I don’t even know, or don’t even have a guess about.  These people are more “real” to me because they are outside of the pre-determined track that is education.  My existence is affecting “real” people, in the “real” world, however small that group is.


I’m probably going to make posts more frequently from now on.  I’ll think of something to talk about.  Surely.

Oh, and one more thing.  I forgot to say this in the Electric RC post:  UNINSTALL BETA II FIRST!  Things will break otherwise.  Also, the settings file will behave weird on most computers (all of them that I tried), so I recommend going into the settings and fixing up the new stuff before you play.  The music volume will be off, and the new controller inputs will all be assigned to “Button 0,” which doesn’t exist.  Also, clicking “Restore to defaults” causes a crash.  The best course of action is probably to delete the settings file after you install RC and run it the first time.  That should take care of it.  If it doesn’t, tell me, because that’s not supposed to happen.